This powerful session is meant for those that are looking to release blockages in the sexual energy, providing you with the ability to become orgasmic/multiorgasmic and ability to have full body orgasms. To become full body orgasmic means to have an infinite amount of healing sexual energy running through your body at all times that you can have instant access to. We all have this ability but in order to access it, we need to remove any stagnant energy that may be blocking the energy from traveling through and around the entire body.

This session consists of a series of exercises that are demonstrated and then guided by me. This session will help heal your sexual center and help the energy to flow more fluid. In our day and age, our bodies are use to the same mundane routines- the way we sit, stand, walk, drive etc... creating stagnant energy in our sexual center. In this session, I will teach you to move your body in certain ways in which you can release any stuck emotions, remove blockages, and heighten your ability to be orgasmic.

Originated by the well known

Tantric Master:

Ma Ananda Sarita 

Ma Ananda Sarita suggests that practicing this 5 times will bring an intense opening to the body and sexual center. Packages available if interested in multiple sessions.



A $50 deposit is required for booking a session. Once the deposit has been received, an intake form will be sent to you via email that will help me get to know you and tailor the session accordingly to your specific needs.

The deposit can only be made through Venmo, Cash App, or PayPal. No cash or check deposits.


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