Whether you need deep healing or just a relaxing and rejuvenating escape, these sessions provide a sacred space to calm the mind, body, and spirit. These sessions help to  provide you with a deeper connection to pleasure. This is not limited to only sexual pleasure - there are an infinite amount of pleasure sensations that we can experience the more we open our hearts, tune into our bodies, and receive love.


These healing sessions can help men who are in need of healing of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and low self esteem. These sessions may include modalities that can aid in trauma healing, rewiring of the mind, chakra balancing, as well as relaxation and rejuvenation. Sacred lingam massage is included if necessary and requested. This session can be done without touching intimate areas if desired.


Pleasure and relaxation is actually very healing in itself! But if you're looking for more of a body, mind, and soul reset combined with pleasure, then this session would be tailored to you. This full body massage session will focus more on seducing your body to a state of pleasure and openness. Allowing your body to receive love, pleasure, relaxation and rejuvenation. Sacred lingam massage is included if that is your desire. This massage can be done without touching intimate areas if desired. 

Either of these sessions may include breathwork, meditation, healing modalities (if needed), sound healing, chakra balancing and a full body tantric massage. 


 Each session is tailored to each individual's wants and needs- this session may include body

de-armouring, energy work, bodywork, tantric massages, and meditations that are traditionally used in India, China, and the west. Lingam and sacred spot massages are available upon request.  

 These tantric services are available for individuals of all lifestyles that are in need of healing or in search of a deeper feeling of pleasure. Regardless of orientation or gender identity, we all deserve to awaken our god and goddess within!


*I wish to share this service and make it accessible to those seeking a positive and healing change in their life. If you need an HONEST assistance on the price, please let me know and we can come up with a solution to make it affordable for you*

Gratuity isn't mandatory but is always appreciated.

Click below to provide your contact information along with your reasoning and request of what kind of session you are interested in that is listed above.

A $50 deposit is required for booking a session. Once the deposit has been received, an intake form will be sent to you via email that will help me get to know you and tailor the session accordingly to your specific needs. Book your beautiful Tantric experience today.

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Men's Tantric Session
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